Understanding APIs

For a Better Integration Experience

Invoice URLs in Capture API

In the Capture API call, Sprinque accepts public URLs where you can share the invoice PDF document with us. If you are not comfortable with public URLs, we recommend making use of AWS Pre-signed URLs or equivalent in Azure blob or Google storage to securely create and upload an invoice. In this way, you can create a pre-signed URL for your invoice, where you have to provide your security credentials and then specify a bucket name, an object key, an HTTP method, and an expiration date and time.

The invoice URL is valid only for the specified duration time, therefore, once it expires, it is no longer possible to download the intended invoice. If you are using signed URLs, we recommend setting the expiry time to 300s (5mins), as this leaves a buffer in case of an error on either side before Sprinque downloads the invoice. You don’t have to store the invoice file in a public S3 bucket and you will still be able to share it with Sprinque in a safe manner, keeping it simple and secure.

Invoice File ID in Capture API

If you do not have a public or a signed URL to share the file with Sprinque during the capture API call, we allow you to upload the file to our system and get the required url to make a successful capture API call.

First, you would need to call the upload file API, this takes the file as an input and responds back with a file ID. The same file ID can be used in the "file_id" field of the capture API call. Sprinque internally processes the file id to identify the right file to be mapped to that API call.

Business Registration Number

Sprinque strongly encourages you to share the business registration number or chamber of commerce number while registering a buyer via API call. The business registration number increases the chances of a business getting auto-approved for a credit vs. being manually reviewed. We understand it is not marked as a mandatory field but, it is mandatory for this number to be provided unless it is unavailable in your country or unavailable due to the size of the business.

Billing Email and Phone Number

Sprinque recommends you share the business phone number and billing/accounts payable email while registering a buyer via API call. Though these are not mandatory fields, this helps Sprinque have the latest contact details of the business. All email communications can be controlled and configured via the Merchant Control Center.

User Company Email

When adding a user, it is important to ensure the email shared is not the user's personal email. Personal emails are flagged for review and may impact the decision time to onboard a buyer. It is recommended to share the company/work email of the user.

Existing Buyer Migration

Any buyer new to Sprinque, added by the seller, should be registered via the Buyer Registration API.

Sprinque encourages the seller to use a script (or any means suitable) to recursively call the buyer registration API for each buyer in their system. This would be a one-time script run by the seller as part of Sprinque integration to help replicate their buyers onto the Sprinque platform for further processing.