Invoice Status Webhook

Sprinque sure does take care of the entire payment collection process, but are you still curious to find out if your buyers have actually paid us? Well, we have just developed the perfect way to notify you!

What is the Invoice status webhook?

Invoice status webhook, as the name suggests is a webhook call back you will receive whenever the status of the invoice changes. All invoices are created with the status "OPEN" by default when you first share them with Sprinque.

If the invoice has been paid with the granted payment term, the status of the invoice will change to "PAID". If the invoice has not been paid within the granted payment term, the status of the invoice will change to "OVERDUE". In both the cases, you will receive a webhook updating you about the change in invoice status.

Below is a sample payload of the webhook response -

merchant_invoice_id: test_invoice_1,
payment_terms: NET60,
status: PAID

Where can you configure it?

This URL can be configured in the Merchant Control Center.
Navigate to Settings > API Keys and URLs > Invoice Status Callback URL

In this text field, you can enter the callback URL where you would like to recieve the updates to.

How can you opt for it?

Any merchant is open to opting in for invoice status change updates. First, you need to configure the right URL on the settings page. Then, drop a mail to [email protected] or reach out to us on the dedicated slack channel. We will turn on the feature for you.