Buyer User APIs

Buyer User APIs is a powerful set of APIs that enable merchants and marketplaces to manage buyer users and interact with Sprinque in a seamless and efficient manner. With these APIs, you can easily add, update, and delete buyer user details, ensuring a smooth experience and streamlined operations.

Key Features:

  • Get Buyer User API: This API enables merchants and marketplaces to retrieve the details of a specific buyer user based on their user ID. By making a GET request, you can access information such as the user's name, email, phone number, role, and language preferences.
  • Add Buyer User API: With this API, merchants, and marketplaces can easily add new users to existing buyer businesses. The API supports the addition of essential details such as name, email, phone number, and language preferences.
  • Update Buyer User API: Merchants and marketplaces can utilize this API to update various details of buyer users - name, email, phone number, and language preferences. The API allows for flexible input parameters, with only the user ID being mandatory. The response provides a clear indication of the fields that have been changed.
  • List Buyers API: This API allows merchants and marketplaces to obtain a comprehensive list of all users registered with a specific buyer business. By providing the buyer ID, you can retrieve a collection of buyer user details.
  • Delete Buyer User API: This API empowers merchants and marketplaces to delete inactive or past buyer users. By specifying the user ID, the API ensures that the corresponding buyer user record is removed from the database (or deactivated). Error handling is in place to prevent accidental deletion when only one buyer user remains.

For more information and detailed documentation on these APIs, please refer to the Buyer User APIs Documentation.