Capture API

Merchants inform Sprinque that the order is shipped through a capture call sent to Sprinque. This call includes final/actual transaction information, the invoice details, and a link for downloading the invoice. A capture can only be called after successful authorization and in reference to it.

On receiving the capture, the merchant is paid out based on the agreement with Sprinque via the settlement file and the buyer's net terms start immediately. Payment reminders and collections from buyers will further be taken care of by Sprinque with no involvement from the marketplace.

We can overwrite merchant_order_id sent in auth call with the merchant_order_id in capture call;
This might be useful if we don't know the order id at the stage when we're trying to do auth with Sprinque helping provide flexibility for merchants.

Multiple invoices for a single order

Sprinque supports linking multiple invoices to a single order. It can be done from MCC by selecting the same merchant_order_id or via APIs by executing multiple couples of auth and capture calls;

Email that is sent to the buyer right after the capture call