Refund API

A refund is raised when the buyer chooses to return full or partial goods in the order after the shipment of goods or after receiving the goods. This implies a refund can only be raised after a successful authorization and capture.

Refunds need to be initiated with the same invoice as in the capture transaction being used as a reference. The amount to be refunded should be issued as a credit note along with details such as the linked invoice number and the link to download the credit note in the refund API call. Any number of credit notes can be issued against an invoice as long as they do not exceed the original invoice amount.

The credit note can be used by the buyer to settle the current outstanding invoice or for any future orders. Credits from the merchant to Sprinque will be adjusted in the following settlement file automatically.

If the credit note is raised after the invoice is settled then the Sprinque fee will be deducted accordingly.