What is Sprinque?

Sprinque, founded in February 2021, is the B2B payments platform that helps you expand globally. Our payments platform seamlessly integrates with your online ecosystem through APIs and various plugins and makes it possible for businesses to get paid instantly while offering flexible and convenient payment experiences to your buyers, all of this while eliminating risk and saying goodbye to chasing late payments. We do the heavy lifting.

In simple terms, buyers love flexibility and expect to Pay by Invoice with Net Payment Terms or Instalments regardless of where they are located globally and merchants need to offer flexibility to be competitive. Sprinque allows businesses to offer their international buyers flexible payment options from their very first order.

Sprinque allows you to turn payments into a strategic asset so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business!

Parties Involved


Businesses that sell goods or services to other businesses are merchants in Sprinque terminology. Whether you're a marketplace, e-commerce vendor, transitioning from offline to online, or exclusively operating offline, Sprinque welcomes you. Anyone can register with Sprinque by creating a Sandbox account on the Merchant Control Center and begin exploring our offerings.


Businesses seeking goods and services from Sprinque Merchants are buyers. They can enjoy flexibility in payment terms and repayment options facilitated by Sprinque on behalf of the merchants. Our system ensures timely invoice reminders and supports a variety of payment methods - IDeal, Sepa DD, bank transfer, etc. making repayments smoother for buyers.


Sprinque is your trusted partner for creating distinctive payment experiences for B2B merchants and buyers. Our comprehensive solutions cater to diverse business needs, encompassing cash flow management, invoice and credit note handling, payment collections, financing options, streamlined onboarding, risk assessment, and more.