5-step integration guide to go-live with Sprinque

Required steps:

  1. Create authentication endpoint to provide a temporary token to the Merchant SDK;
  2. Integrate the Merchant SDK and use the temporary token from Step 1 to initiate the SDK on the UI side;
  3. Handle business credit assessment webhook after the manual review;
  4. Handle pending order webhook when the order is placed against the buyer business under manual review;
  5. Integrate the capture endpoint (send invoice PDF to Sprinque);

To simulate buyer's credit assesment decision please send "APPROVE-" or "REJECT-" registration number prefix when registering a business buyer. Or you can adjust the credit assessment from the buyer details page. Check this video for explanation.

Good-to-have steps:

  1. Integrate void API to cancel the order before it's captured;
  2. Integrate refund API to cancel the order after capture or in case of partial return;
  3. Integrate get single buyer business details API (to check credit limit and show/hide Sprinque in the checkout for example);