Search Businesses

Sprinque enables businesses to search by a 3-character input string and fetch all relevant details like their name, business registration number, and address. Search for business can be done both manually and via APIs.

Search Business Manually

To try this feature manually, you can log in to Sprinque MCC and add a buyer. All business details will be fetched based on the input string (start typing at least 3 characters) as shown in the video below.

Search Business API

Search Business API returns a collection of businesses matching an input text of minimum 3 characters long. The collection contains its name, registration number, and address.

Please note that the Search API is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all businesses. There may be cases where we do not find your business and would need to add it manually.


This Search Business API can be directly integrated into the merchant's webshop or e-commerce site and be leveraged for the purpose of buyer registration (possible for both with and without account creation) with reduced manual input.

Search Buyer Details API

Since the Search APIs are focused to help the merchant by automating as much of their registration process as possible, we also have added on Search Business Details API. This API can be used optionally in the background if you need more details about a business other than its name, registration number, and address.