The Buyer Registration API is used to send Sprinque the details of the buyer (business entity and user details) onboarding with the Merchant. Prefix registration_number value with APPROVE- to receive approved credit assessment and REJECT- to try unhappy path. Example: APPROVE-12345, REJECT-98765

Buyer Onboarding
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To achieve the maximum buyer approval rate, here is more information to Increase Auto Approval Rates. We strongly recommend implementing the suggestions and sending the needed data to Sprinque. Ideally, we expect Sprinque Merchant SDK to be used for buyer registration.

Similar to sending the initial_shipping_address, please send us initial_order_amount and initial_order_currency_code. This will improve the manual flow for buyer review, creating a better buyer experience.

NOTE - If you call POST /buyers with the details of a buyer who has already registered with Sprinque, the existing company details will be returned and we will not create a new buyer. Merchant Name + Buyer Company Name + Registration Number is used as a unique set for buyer registration on the Sprinque side.

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