Unlock the full potential of your Sprinque integration and revolutionise your online presence. Your customers are in for a treat as they discover the flexibility of Sprinque payments.

Welcome to our Conversion Optimisation Guide, your secret weapon for harnessing the true power of Sprinque. Follow these carefully curated steps to not only supercharge your conversion rates throughout the entire buyer journey but also to channel a boost traffic towards your checkout. And that's not all – we've prepared ready-to-deploy assets to help you effortlessly share Sprinque across your e-commerce and to your buyers. Get ready to take your business to the next level with Sprinque!

Here's a summary of the content you will find under this section

▶️ Maximise buyer awareness:

  • Displaying the Sprinque logo on your webshop;
  • Displaying Sprinque payment icon on your webshop;
  • Displaying Sprinque banners on your webshop;
  • FAQs to use on your webshop, to help your buyers get familiar with Sprinque;

▶️ Optimise your checkout experience
Discover the best practice to display Sprinque as a checkout option

▶️ T&Cs and Privacy policy
Terms and Conditions and Privacy for you to update in your Terms of Services in different languages.

▶️ Localisation
How to communicate with buyers in different languages.

▶️ Marketing Assets
All Sprinque marketing assets and their respective working file.