Privacy Policy Tickbox instruction

To comply with GDPR and Sprinque's commitment to the highest standard of security and privacy, please include a privacy policy tickbox in the buyer onboarding process. On this page, you'll see examples and instructions for Sprinque's Privacy Policy Tickbox;


Sprinque B.V. conducts an automated credit check to evaluate your eligibility to choose this payment option.
I have read and agree to Sprinque B.V.‘s privacy & cookie statement.

Sprinque B.V.'s privacy & cookie statement links to:


  1. Include the text and hyperlink in the 1st buyer onboarding screen;
  2. If the buyer hasn’t selected the tickbox
    1. A validation message “Please check to proceed” should be shown or the button should be disabled;
    2. Buyer shouldn’t be able to proceed to the next step;
  3. Make sure it will not cause problems for returning buyers;
  4. To identify and store the data of which buyer clicked the checkbox, please pass privacyPolicyConfirmed: true as part of the buyer registration metadata object;