Payment Collections

Once the invoice has been shared with Sprinque, Sprinque is responsible for all credit risk and payment collections. To be transparent and to ensure you have the right account in the invoice, we have APIs to expose the payment collection account. Check out the full article here.

Buyer Emails

Sprinque sends the buyer 3 types of emails.

  1. The first is an initial email. When the merchant shares an invoice or credit note with Sprinque on a capture or refund API call, we send out an email to all the buyer users along with the PDF attachment. This is what your initial email looks like.
  1. The 2nd are payment reminders sent on the invoice due date, and after the invoice is due until the payment is received. The frequency we send out emails is - 1 day overdue, 15 days overdue, 30 days overdue, 45 days overdue and lastly 50 days overdue. This is what the reminder emails look like.

  1. The 3rd email is a payment confirmation email sent once Sprinque has received the payment from the buyer. This is what the payment confirmation email looks like.

Get Notified

As a merchant, you can opt-in or opt-out of these email communications. To do so, you would need to navigate to the Settings > Notification.

You can opt to be in CC, the buyer can see we have been sending you these emails. You can opt to be in BCC, the buyer cannot see we are sending you these emails or you can completely opt-out of buyer email communication and we will not send you any emails we send to the buyer.