OTP Validation

Sprinque offers the ability for merchants to validate their buyer email ids through a one-time password being sent to their emails. This is needed by the Sprinque risk team to provide a better credit assessment. More.

Validating your buyers' OTP is a 2-step process -

  1. Generation of the OTP
  2. Verification of the OTP

Generating OTP

To generate an OTP, you need to call our Generate OTP API with the email ID you are trying to verify along with the buyer ID the user belongs to, as the request parameters.

Here is a sample experience -

When Sprinque receives the API call, we send out an email to the email ID mentioned in the request.

Verifying OTP

Once the buyer gets an email with the 5-digit code, they are required to enter it on the prompt. Once the code is entered, then the Verify OTP API should be called. If the OTP is correct, we respond with an error. The buyer can request to get another OTP after 30 seconds.

If all goes well, and we see the OTP match, we proceed to the next steps of the business registration - placing an order.