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We have prepared for you a set of FAQs to use in your website, to help your buyers get familiar with Sprinque, and the expected experience at the checkout.

General FAQ: Recommended to be included in your overall FAQ section

  • Can I Pay by Invoice / Buy now and pay later?
    Yes, that is possible if you’re a business. We have partnered with Sprinque to offer our business customers an option to Pay by Invoice/Buy now, pay later up to XX days.
  • What is Sprinque?
    Sprinque allows business buyers to Pay by Invoice with flexible net payment terms. With Sprinque, customers can make purchases at [MERCHANT] and have the flexibility to pay XX days after their purchase. Once you go through Sprinque’s risk assessment, you get assigned a revolving credit line with a net payment term based on your credit assessment.
  • How does Sprinque work?

    1. Select Pay on Invoice at checkout;
    2. Fill out your company details and receive real-time payment term decisions;
    3. Continue on checkout and receive your purchase;
    4. Pay the invoice after XXX days, through the payment method you prefer.
  • Why am I receiving emails from Sprinque?
    Sprinque is our payment partner, with Sprinque we offer the possibility to pay XX days after the purchase. All communication regarding these payments is done by Sprinque.

FAQ for buyers

Here you can find our FAQ in the local language for your buyers. Covering topics from what is Sprinque, credit decisions, payment methods to late payments


Pro tip:

If you have an existing FAQ covering payments, we recommend adding Pay by Invoice for business (powered by Sprinque) for your buyers’ visibility.

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