Pay in 3 instalments

What is Pay in 3 instalments?

Merchants can now seamlessly provide this flexible payment option to buyers, granting them the freedom to split high-value invoices into three manageable payments and optimize their cash flow.

This payment term is supported across all countries where Sprinque operates, ensuring a seamless experience for all, and it is supported through Sprinque MCC, direct API integration, Merchant SDK, or WooCommerce plugins.

How does it work?


When the buyer places the order in your webshop, after passing the credit and risk assessment, she/he can simply select the Pay in 3 instalment option; the fee and instalment amount will be transparently displayed.

Merchant Control Center (MCC)

When using Sprinque MCC, you simply select Pay in 3 as the payment option when uploading the invoice to access this feature.

In both cases, the buyer will receive the email with the total invoice and the instalment plan when placing the order, and then payment reminders for each instalment.

How do I learn more and/or request this?

To offer your buyers Pay in 3, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]. We are always available on the dedicated Slack channels as well.