Merchant Toolkit

The brand guide for merchants

The Merchant Toolkit is a guide specifically designed for our merchants to guarantee their customers a seamless and consistent experience with Sprinque across various platforms.

The toolkit includes different suggestions about the Sprinque style guide and how you can communicate effectively what we do, underlining the value of partnering with us.

Hereafter, is a summary of the content you will find:

  • Displaying the Sprinque logo on your website;
  • Displaying Sprinque as a payment option in your checkout;
  • The benefits for your buyers in utilizing Sprinque;
  • Displaying Sprinque banners on your website;
  • FAQs to use on your website, to help your buyers to get familiar with Sprinque;
  • T&Cs and Privacy policy;
  • Displaying your logo on Merchant Control Center, emails, and plugins.

To access the Merchant Toolkit guide, please visit this link.