Settlement APIs

What are Settlement APIs?

The Settlement APIs are used to reconcile payments, made by Sprinque to your bank account. This API provides invoice/credit note level data for all settled invoices and credit notes. This API also gives the fee amount, VAT amount, sales amount and the total bank settled amount.

Besides responses in JSON-format, we provide links in the API response to download the original CSV files.

How can you use them?

We have 2 APIs available -
1. Settlement Overview
The Settlement Overview API has 2 main objects in the response, an object for the totals and an object for the independent invoices and credit notes.
The totals object has the total fee amount, total VAT amount, total sales amount and the total bank settled amount of the invoices and credit notes included in that file. There is also a breakdown of each individual line item of the file into a separate JSON object.

There are multiple filters you can apply on this API, you can filter the files by their date range and minimum amount of settlement.

If you do not pass any values for the filters, by default the latest settlement file will be fetched.


2. Settlement Details
The Settlement Details API has a similar response structure as the Settlement Overview API but the response fetches the details of a single settlement file based on the settlement Id which can be retrieved from the Overview API.